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Our on-site distillery began production in August 2017, with our first spirit (Batch 1 Douglas Dry Gin) running from our still on the 5th August.  We are a small distillery, which specialises in ultra-smooth, delicate, balanced, spirits. 

We produce using a 150l German copper pot still made by the Kothe factory in Eislingen.  Our still (Helga) is clad in polished stainless steel, which (aside from looking beautiful) gives us fantastic heat retention, and therefore efficiency, meaning we can run the still up to 5 times per day for gin, or 4 for distilling wash. 


Nearly all our equipment has lived former lives: Helga used to make fruit brandies in Germany, our tanks come from breweries, dairies, and farms, and our expertise comes from the whisky and gin industry!  Our spirits are blended with Manx water which we put through a reverse osmosis filter for consistency and are all bottled and labelled on site.  Each bottle is filled and labelled by Tracy, meaning our products are truly hand-crafted!

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