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New Threads!

We launched the original packaging for Douglas Dry in back in November 2017, and it was my first ever product to hit the shelves.  We spent a lot of time deliberating over aspects of it, little design flourishes etc, and we we happy with it.  Unfortunately, the presence on the shelf was diluted (ha) due to the transparent label, when the bottles were stacked up on the shelf, it became indistinct and not easily discernible.

Not being one to stick with something that isn't working, I got in touch with an old friend and former colleague Elin Moxon-Tritsch, to undertake a redesign of our flagship product.  

The original bottle we used had a squat profile, and a very heavy base. We decided to break with this style, and reduce the weight per unit (we are on an island, moving that to and from the mainland just used an unnecessary amount of carbon!).  Our new bottle is taller, more angular, and much more elegant.  The label is much classier, and distinct, with the black background providing a strong base for the copper elements of the label to shine through.

The label is an embossed foil label, and has an appealing tactile nature which makes the bottle nice to hold.

The process of redesigning the bottle has been incredibly useful in helping to cement the brand design ideals, and feels more authentic to us as a distillery.

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