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  • Ian Warborn-Jones

The Spirit of the Race

Sometimes you meet someone who you instantly gel with - Felipe was one of those people for me.  Breesh and I started talking to him over TT 2018, bonded over a mutual love of Cronk Y Voddy, and kept in touch.  Now Felipe is an actual proper film maker, so in no way did I think he would be interested in doing a little promo video for our vodka - but he was!  

We had a couple of meetings about it prior to filming, to get the vibe of the video sorted.  I wanted something frenetic, rock and roll, proper TT racing, which showcases what we do, and what we are about.

So we had the music, the bikes, now we just needed some footage of me doing distillery operations.

I'd seen Mad Daddy a few times around the island, and I love that sort of rock, downtuned, punky good time music, and their recent video Hey Elvis was exactly the right track for what I wanted to make.  So I spoke to Dolyn, and he kindly allowed me to use the music and video for ours.  Next step was some race footage, fortunately, having sponsored Andy Dudgeon last year, he was more than amenable to letting us use the film he's accrued over the last few seasons.

So we had the music, the bikes, now we just needed some footage of me doing distillery operations.  Felipe managed to get everything done over two days of operations, using only his iPhone!  

After a few days squirreled away (ably hydrated, naturally), The Spirit of the Race was edited and finished.

I couldn't be happier or prouder of the film, it really encapsulates the way we operate, what makes us tick - and, ultimately, the way we want to portray ourselves as a distillery.

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